What Kind of Day Has it Been?

I really don’t know how to sum up my last few months. But I haven’t been on here for ages! So here’s a bunch of things that have happened that I can barely understand.

My book was released out into the world. Yep! Last Wednesday! I actually can’t find the words for it. It seems completely unreal. People have tweeted me photos from all across Australia, featuring them with my book in their hands!


Look at that wonderful thing. It’s so beautiful. Ah! Gosh! Words!

My launch is in two days. Rohan Wilson, who’s pretty much my favourite Australian author, is launching my book! I’m nervous and afraid and excited and humbled. So there’s that. If you’re keen on coming there are still a few spots available over at Avid Reader.

My book has been reviewed a bunch over at Goodreads! Some very kind people have written incredible reviews that sum up my book far better than I can.

I was even in the paper! The newspaper review was great, though it seemed to read a bunch into my book I hadn’t intended. But ah well! That’s the beauty of reading, isn’t it? Each person gets to bring themselves to the text. It’s as much of a mirror as any other art-form. I love it so much.

I’ve been invited to speak at a bunch of things! Here, at a literary salon. Here, at a breakfast bookclub. I’ve also been interviewed a bunch! There’s even audio, here!

It’s been an absolute roller-coaster. I’m so grateful to everybody. So much kindness!


4 thoughts on “What Kind of Day Has it Been?

  1. mitcho777 says:

    All well deserved praise Ben, it has been a wonderful journey so far; I’m sure there will be many more book launches for you in the future! I’m up to Chapter 9.


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