Ben Hobson: How I Got An Agent

I didn’t know I could re-blog! This (I hope) is an interesting look at how I got an agent!

Lauren Keegan (Writer)

How I got an agent

Welcome back to my monthly blog series.

I’m all about getting a literary agent this year so I’m interviewing Australian authors to find out how they did it. If you missed the first two posts, then please check out my interviews with Vanessa Carnevale and Louise Allan.

This month, the wonderful debut novelist Ben Hobson agreed to sit in the hot seat. I first discovered Ben when I heard him interviewed on the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast. He talked about the experience of rejection and the endless revisions of manuscripts, battling self-doubt and the importance of perseverance. All of this resonated with me as an aspiring fiction writer.

Ben has very generously spilled the beans on how he got an agent and a book deal. Happy reading 🙂

Q. First, tell us about the book that landed you an agent.

A. To Become a Whale was released in…

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